Functional, unique, hand painted creations

Functional, unique, hand painted creations

Functional, unique, hand painted creationsFunctional, unique, hand painted creationsFunctional, unique, hand painted creations

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About Paint From Scratch


My product line is constantly evolving based on new techniques, materials, and successful experimentation. Although I am continually testing new ideas, my preferred medium is glass and ceramic drinkware. I consider these miniature pieces of functional art that you get to enjoy using on a daily basis. Although drinkware is my specialty, you will see various other pieces in my catalog ranging from vases and jars to bottles, decanters, and coasters. Expect to see these options grow as I receive unique custom requests and test ideas in the future.

About the artist

My name is Jenny and I welcome you to explore my creations. I would consider my style somewhat eclectic boho. Anything retro, funky, and colorful is what I'm drawn to and I get inspiration from literally everything around me.  I have been painting on various surfaces my entire life but found my home when I began painting on glass and ceramic for the first time. I hope you enjoy my pieces as much as I love creating them. You will find that each one was made with love and truly is hand painted from start to finish.

Creative process

I currently utilize several techniques to finish my products,  the 2 most prominent being heat set enamels to adhere my designs onto a non porous surface and using a 2 part epoxy mix to cover my designs in a high gloss, water resistant coating. Both allow me to achieve different effects such as permanently adhering glitter to glass and allowing me to bring my designs to the top of the glassware as the resin I use if food safe. As my product line constantly evolves, so does my creative process. I'm always looking for new ways to create different effects.


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